We’ve learned so much from your 12th year on planet earth!

So grab your kicks, lace ‘em up, and let’s run back through some of the amazing data you shared with us for the Now We Are Twelve Report.

Kia kaha e hoa mā!


of you identified with more than one ethnicity.

Plus, it’s great to learn that those of you who identify as trans and non-binary were represented across all cultural backgrounds. Koia kei a koe! You’re awesome.

One in 5

of you had some trouble affording the absolute essentials during your childhood.

And with the current cost of living, it can be tough getting by, so it's important to kōrero with people close to you if you're struggling.

BUT we were stoked to see that most of you lived in a whare that had all the things you needed - kicks, snacks... YUM, and maybe even a cool backpack. Siiiick!


of you said your family had enough kai to go around.


of you munched on a lunch your school gave out for free... Shout out to school lunch programmes like Ka Ora, Ka Ako for providing the goods!

Moving house can feel buzzy, but can also be an awesome time for change and adjusting to new surroundings.

Turns out... your fav teacher also had a huge impact on school, with less of you dreading school when your teacher was the BEST.

Being a kid during COVID-19 was pretty wild.

And for some, especially those who were Pacific, Middle Eastern, Latin American or African, you felt the most worried. But signs are showing this is improving as we all learn how to live with the virus.


of you reached out when you felt sad or needed someone to chat to.

And over half of you felt heaps better after. Because you know — the more we share our feelings with people we trust, the less we feel alone.


of you with a disability agreed you felt safe playing with friends and hanging out in your neighbourhood during the day! Ka pai.


of you living without a disability also agreed!

Most of you said you have great relationships with your parents and your besties.


of you said you also have at least one extra special person in your life, with rangatahi Māori and Pacific young people being way more likely to have someone you’re super close to... like your nan. Tau Kē!

This is just a small snapshot of your data! 

It's helping people who call the shots make really important decisions, that are positively shaping the future for Rangatahi here in Aotearoa!

You can find out more about all these findings and heaps of others here.